Compare Airport Parking UK with Best Rates

Now it takes only 5 minutes to compare and reserve a low-cost car parking space at airports. By using our new comparison engine, you can compare the car parking rates of all airports in the UK. It is fast and simple.

Online reservation of your airport parking not only secures your car space, but also it saves you upto 60% on the gate prices. Needless to say it is 100% hassle-free.

Once you have compared and selected your choice of car parking space, you just need to enter your basic details and make the payment through a secure server. You will then receive a confirmation of your airport car parking space along with complete details of the parking location and procedures.

Airport Parking Options

There are a lot of airport parking options to choose from. Some options have the convenience of valet parking which costs more, while other options offer a cheaper car parking rate. So, you can opt for any of the below car parking options as per your preference.

On-airport parking – This is the most common type of car parking, where your car is parked inside the airport boundaries. It is very convenient in terms of the distance you have to walk to reach the terminal. The parking rates are therefore dependent on the convenience it offers. The closer a car is parked to the terminal the higher is its parking rate.

Off-airport parking - These are safe car park facilities available close to the airport, but are outside the airport boundaries. Their car parking rates are usually cheaper than all other options, since this is not a very convenient option. Choosing this service might require you to walk a little distance to get to your car.

Meet and Greet Parking – It is the most convenient airport parking option, similar to valet parking. This allows you to drive your car to the terminal where a driver will be waiting to take your car to the parking. And on your return, you will have the driver waiting at the terminal along with your car. This option apparently comes at a higher price, however, you can find better deals on this options by booking in advance.

Park and Ride – This is the cheapest car parking option available at airports. This allows you to park the car at off-airport area which is equally secure as on-airport parking. The only difference here is that you get a ride to the terminal by a free airport transfers service.

How to save money on airport parking

-Always book your airport parking in advance to save upto 60% on gate prices.
-Also compare off and on-airport parking options, sometimes off-airport parking is closer to the terminals and costs less.
-Choose ‘Park and ride’ for cheapest airport parking service.

UK Airport Parking map

Important notice for sat nav users: Postcodes, where given, may not take you to the exact location of the car park.